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Certificate on Return to the Republic of Uzbekistan

In accordance with the Bilateral Agreement between the Government of Uzbekistan and the Government of the United States for extended passport validity, Uzbekistan passports are recognized as valid for return of their bearers to the Republic of Uzbekistan for a period of six months beyond the passport's expiration date.

Certificate on Return to Uzbekistan is a Travel document, which vests its holders - Uzbekistan nationals and Persons without citizenship documented by Uzbekistan Government Authorities, temporarily staying in the US - with the power to return to Uzbekistan.

Certificate is to be issued in cases of loss or damage of Passport and Certificate of Stateless Person issued by Uzbekistan Government Authorities.

Certificate on Return to Uzbekistan is issued in cases of passport expiration as well.

Upon arrival to Uzbekistan Certificate should be submitted to local office of the Ministry of Internal Affaires domiciliary to draw new passport.

List of documents required for the issuance of the Certificate on Return to Uzbekistan:

  • Passport \ Certificate of Stateless Person (if expired) or copy of the passport (desirable - if lost)
  • Application form with the information on purpose and date of last arrival to the USA, reasons for overstay (if applicable) - must be typed by applicant in person in Uzbek \ Russian or English
  • 2 (two) recent Passport size photos (35 x 45 mm)
  • Police Report from the local Police Office confirming registration of the case, if passport lost or stolen
  • Official Letter and Immigration documents, including copy of the Order of the Immigration Judge and Record of Deportable/Inadmissible Alien must be provided, if the Office of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests the issuance of the Certificate
  • The Consular fee of US $60 payable to the CONSULATE GENERAL OF UZBEKISTAN in New York in the form of "Money order"

Because of the recent changes in bank’s requirements, effective from June 20, 2011 all payments from outside the United States should be made in USD and by international banking money orders. Foreign postal money orders will not be accepted. Examples here.