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Power-of-Attorney issued for conducting different kinds of activity on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan must be notarized at the Consulate General in New York City.

Note: If you apply for notarization of the Power-of-Attorney to manage real estate in Uzbekistan, a lawful claim (such as an ownership certificate, etc.) on this property must be presented.

The Power-of-Attorney should be typed in Uzbek (Russian). The conditions and extent of such authorization to another person must be clearly specified in the document.

The identity of the citizen issuing it shall be established in person on the basis of identification documents such as ID Card, driver's license or passport.

Sample forms of Power-of-Attorney to manage real and private property as well as on some legal or financial matters can be obtained at the Consulate General during office hours. Before executing the Power-of-Attorney, you can get acquainted with its model content and requirements by downloading from here or receiving the sample form the Consulate General by fax. To do so, call at (212) 754-7403 during office yours or send a message with your name, name of the requested document and your fax number on the answering machine after 6:00 p.m. (ET). To receive the sample by mail, send a letter enclosing a self-addressed postage paid return envelope.

The cost of legalization is $120.


Because of the recent changes in bank’s requirements, effective from June 20, 2011 all payments from outside the United States should be made in USD and by international banking money orders. Foreign postal money orders will not be accepted. Examples here.